June 2008

Since we have made the move over to a new blog provider, we have decided that instead of switching all the past postings to this site, we would just provide the link to the old one. So if you are interested in seeing the first year of Aiden’s life, please visit us at www.zacandmindy.blogspot.com

See more shots of that thick head of hair right here.

On Thursday, May 29th we welcomed Evan Ryne Fandrei. He is the son of Todd and Amy Fandrei, Mindy’s brother and our sister-in-law! He was a little guy, but he is a cutie!
Our congrats to them, and the man with a full head of hair. Welcome Evan!

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Bring out the pool and crack the sun tan lotion. Aiden is ready for the pool, the Mr. Hoppy Frog Pool that is. Aiden is definitely ready for the summer sun.

The weather finally cleared on Father’s Day and we were able to get to the park to play and walk around. We have realized that there are not many pictures where Aiden isn’t eating something or his mouth is widen open. Oh well!

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Our May activities involved us traveling to South Carolina to visit Zac’s parents. Aiden and Hannah, Aiden’s cousin, spent as much time in the pool as possibly. Next trip, Poppa promised that Aiden could drive the tractor. He won’t stop talking about it.

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April started off with some play time outside. We enjoyed some unseasonable weather and took advantage of it.